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Most Common Roofing Questions

Some questions to ask your roofing contractor are: How long have they been in business? Years of experience are important for any business. Do They Have Proper Licenses and Insurance? Do they have local references? This may help to avoid the possibility of fraud and scams.
Other factors may vary such as climate, weather, and such, but the recommended roof replacement schedule for each roofing material are; Asphalt Shingles for 12-15 years, Concrete Tile Roofs for 18-20 years, and Metal Roofs for 20-25 years.
There are many factors to consider when choosing a roof, such as PERFORMANCE (Which material is best for my area’s weather conditions?). LONGEVITY (How long would it last?) COST (Does it fit the budget?) AESTHETICS (Will it blend together with the architecture house?
Common signs are the roof’s lifespan, visible damages like cracked or broken tiles, missing shingles or loose granules in your gutters, rusting or faded metal, and functionality issues such as leaks. Always have your roof inspected after a named storm.
This depends on the size of your roof. A typical 4500 sq ft roof takes 2-3 days to remove the existing roof and 2-7 days to install depending on the roof material being installed.
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