Unique Things To Do In Naples Florida

Naples-Florida Unique things to do
Thinking about any unique and unusual things to do in Naples Florida? You would be in awe of all the great, incredible things to do in Naples. Naples continues to be top-rated as one of the best places to retire in the US as well as a Top Florida Vacation Spot. If you have visited Naples a few times, or maybe if it would be your first time visiting Naples but want to avoid some of the more traditional points of interest in Naples, then be sure to take note of some of these things. People have usually already maneuvered and taken walks around the crowds at the Naples Pier, maybe even braved parking for sunsets at the beach, taken a catamaran cruise, enjoyed the more authentic Old Naples, snorkeled off a gorgeous beach. But there are some more unique things to do in Naples. Aside from the usual tourist trails people take, there are also a lot more non-touristy things to do in Southwest Florida. The ones on this list are just some of the many, cool and unusual things you can do during your visit to Naples.

Cruise The Beach

This part may be a more common touristy thing to do, but when you hear Naples, the place literally ranks as one of the best beaches in the world, therefore, hitting the beaches is a must. One of the first, best things to do is head to the nearest beach to take in a deep breath of salty, sea air or maybe sink your toes into the soft, white sand. There are countless top beaches in Naples, some of them are the following. Naples Pier Beach is one of the best beaches in Naples when it comes to family gatherings. An incredible, iconic, and beautiful landmark in Naples Florida. If it is your first time in Naples, some may also suggest more famous and crowded shorelines with Piers, such as the Santa Monica Pier in California,  Navy Pier in Chicago,  or other amusement piers. The beach is actually not noisy, overcrowded, and definitely, a great place for families to enjoy and bond. There is also Naples Municipal Beach, another great beach found in Naples. Even though the beach gets quite a lot of visitors, it doesn’t really end up all crowded. Visitors usually come to stroll the Pier, go their own ways for dinner reservations, or maybe even do some shopping downtown, while many families come to gather and spend the day.  If one it’s about a romantic stroll, one of the unusual beaches in Naples is the Seagate, a popular place to see and catch some sunset for locals and visitors alike. Nicely pavered, pathways leading to the beach just from the parking lots, as well as some nice park beaches along the way. It’s quite a popular place for lovers and the like. People and locals really like the sunsets as it is the main event on the beach. Some even wait for the last moment of their day just to see the great sunset. Looking for one of those deserted and silent beaches in Naples, you would most likely love the Barefoot Beach in the north of Naples. Also ranked one of the highest-rated and most beautiful beaches in the country is the entrance to Barefoot which is actually off Bonita Beach Road in Bonita Springs. Even if it’s quite far, it is one of the best beaches in southwest Florida, making the trip worthwhile. Keewaydin Island, a nice, natural place. An isolated island sitting and nested in between Naples as well as Marco Island, that is surrounded by a watery moat that is just far enough away to make it inaccessible from either except by boat. The island is almost a perfectly poetic thumb of the nose to the development which exists on both but not there. Even though the place is quite quiet and natural, the island isn’t necessarily uninhabited.  Even if it isn’t an uninhabited island and there are several multi-million dollar lots that are for sale, anyone living in the area most likely doesn’t interact much with other people. As it is an island, in order to reach it, a boat is necessary. There are also various other enjoyable eco-tours that would run for full or half-day shelling cruises that may include a stop on Keewaydin. It is also one of the few dog-friendly beaches in Naples. Looking for a beach in Naples for family bonding? The Clam Pass Beach Park at Doctors Pass passes the bill. It is one of the most unusual beach parks and ecosystems in Naples. Walking the long boardwalk through the mangroves to get out to the beach is one of the most enjoyable parts of visiting this beach. The place is nearly a mile long, there’s quite a long way to walk but can be really beautiful and secluded on an overcast day. You may also get some interesting wildlife encounters with birds, raccoons, or other mangrove dwellers.  Lowdermilk Park is a must-visit for any visitor to Naples and it’s one of the best beaches in Naples for kids and families. Lowdermilk is one of the most popular Naples beaches since it has clean and wide beaches with plenty of parking, public restrooms, as well as some nice, tasty snack bars and concession stands. If one prefers to relax and enjoy wildlife shows, mornings seem to be the prime time of the day to spot turtles and dolphins swimming right off the beach in the summer months. There is the Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park which is an often go-to beach. Since it is a State Park, the place is often rated as one of Naples’ best beaches. With its natural surroundings, it draws nature-lovers and beachgoers looking for the more rustic stretches of dunes and protected beaches in Collier County. There are also several walking paths to choose from that wind their way through the dunes, and several picnic areas with tables. The State Park has many great, quirky parts. Some people also like a small watchtower that’s located around the northern end of the park due to the incredible view you can see over the whole north end of the Park. Even though some parts may be quite simple and rustic, visitors and residents also enjoy those parts. Nature lovers and enthusiasts love the strewn with sea grape trees and wild sea oats strewn in the dunes.  There are also the anglers in the area that just absolutely love saltwater fishing from the shore and can fish there, although it is mostly only at the northernmost end of the beach. Since there are fishing zones, it’s safe to do some fishing as no swimming is allowed there. Lastly, there is 3rd Avenue Beach. A great thing to do is pass through and look around the bustling shopping district in the 5th Avenue South, as well as the dining district in the 3rd Avenue Beach. Although the 3rd Avenue Beach is a relatively small beach, it is a nice place to stop by after quite the busy or strenuous day of shopping and a great place for sunset.  If people are looking for some great places for some cool photos and enjoy a bit of sightseeing, then there’s also the remnants of an old pier sticking up from the water. If your family, friends, or group is divided on what to do in Naples for the day, then the 3rd Avenue Beach is a great place to visit.  The place has a nice place for shopping if some people in your group are interested in shopping, and there is also the beach which is a good meet-up point for sunset at the end of the day. The beach’s location is also pretty close to 5th Avenue South than the Naples Pier.

Naples Breweries

Into tasting different beers? Naples, Fl actually has several good breweries. Try out different drinks and find out which ones and variations satisfy your tastes, enjoying your evening or afternoon meals. Some of these breweries are even quite isolated that people and locals favor. Many of the newer, first-time visitors to Naples, Florida don’t really get appreciated. Beer lovers and enthusiasts can find good breweries that satisfy all their tastes. There’s the Naples Beach Brewery, which started in the year 2012, it was the first brewery in Naples that has started focusing on producing some of the top-notch small-batch brews. There are always several, great selections of brews with over twenty house beers on tap. In addition, the variations and selections always change with some rotations of seasonal and specialty beers.  Some brews are the great malty amber ale, the 239 Ale, and a brew with quite a bit of fruity hint, the Farmhouse IPA. There are also some unique beers that are listed on the menu, some of them are the Line Dropper, which has a strong mango ginger golden ale, as well as the Piece n’ Bacon which has a lovely Scottish ale with maple and bacon, along with other more different styles and flavors to explore and discover. A brewery founded in 2015, Riptide Brewing Company was a small brewery founded by three friends and was later sold in 2019 to become family-owned. Their fermentation rooms are filled with premium ingredients and sophisticated processes. They are proud of the brews they produce but it is a justifiable fact. The brewery also offers several various brews, one of which is the Westside Red Ale, which is an Irish style red ale with a great malty flavor, another is the Olde Naples Blonde which is crisp and refreshing and a local favorite. There are even beers sold by the can, if desired, one may stock up on their favorite favorites since the selections change regularly. Depending on where you’re staying, this is also a great place to start. Bone Hook Brewing Company, founded in 2018, has also been brewing its craft beer in Naples. It is also a great place for relaxation after a long, strenuous week, with the place having a spacious restaurant as well as the brewpub having an abundance of seating and flat-screen TVs. On some nights, there is even live music for entertainment. It is also completely safe since it is an open brewery, everything, including the tanks and equipment in plain view. Some people and customers may also be curious about the brewing process, then take the 20-minute tour of their pub in order to learn how they got their start and the step-by-step process of craft brewing Bone Hook-style. The place is undeniably an enjoyable place, with some good brewings, and produces award-winning beer. The brewers also strive and aim further in order to continuously improve their brews. Some examples of the great brews are the signature lager, Grateful Head Hook, maybe a Sunset Surfer since it gets really hot in southwest Florida, it is a light-bodied ale with a hint of citrus. Some people also like stout, in such cases, try out Steel Cut Stout, this medium-bodied oatmeal stout with notes of cocoa, coffee, and a touch of dark fruit that tastes relatively exceptional. Looking for brewers passionate about the beer they produce? The Ankrolab Brewing Company is for you, firstly, they use a reverse osmosis system to filter their water for brewing, as such, the water comes out so pure it needs to be remineralized before it can be used. This pretty much means that only that the water used to make the beer you’re drinking mimics the water where the style of beer was created. Although their brews take a while, their brews are absolutely wonderful. The Ankrolab Brewing Company offers a classic Quip and Qualm Belgian Quadrupel, which people regularly enjoy. Some people may also enjoy something more unique such as the Passion Fruit Beermosas. There are also nice, friendly, brewhouses. The Momentum Brewhouse welcomes its customers like their friends. This comfortable brewery that produces some mighty fine craft beers is owned by a husband and wife team. Enjoy sipping your drink in the comfortable tasting room with a laid-back venue with clean and modern decor. After placing your order, you may get some things to munch on from the bar or get something more from one of the food trucks standing by.  Take some food inside and enjoy sampling your favorite styles and drinks, no matter what they are, whether it is ale, lager, wheat, Kolsch, Saison, or even an IPA. There are many new and different styles and flavors but the brewery also has its very own core beers that are always on tap. Instinct is one of them, a very aromatic IPA, another one is for a heady well-balanced imperial red ale, the Knee Highs. Momentum has some great customer service and is quite family-friendly as it is filled with trivia, board games, vintage arcade games,  live music, as well as some giant Jenga. Comfortably sip your brew of choice in this laid-back venue with modern clean decor.  There is also the Marco Island brewery that provides a broad selection of beers on tap. Although some may consider them a bit slim for only producing 5 craft brews, they are all worthwhile. They also don’t brew their beers in the main place, in fact, they brew their beers in Naples, FL. Their restaurant is also great with a nice lunch and dinner menu.  The place also has 40 flat-screen TVs where people can hang out and watch their favorite events. Marco Island Brewery has some great IPA, one of the local favorites is surely the Buffy Blonde Ale. Customers might also find some seasonal brews from other craft breweries to fit their tastes, if it’s simply a casual dinner, then this is undeniably a great place for it.

Botanical Gardens In Naples

Of course, when it comes to nature, Naples won’t lose. The Naples Botanical Gardens is 170 acres of preservation land as well as cultivated gardens, representing seven distinct natural habitats and featuring over 1,000 native flora species. In the morning, you may also explore the incredible, lush greenery. The place is one of the natural gems to be found in Naples where you can see southwest Florida in its primitive state. There are also themed gardens, an interactive Children’s Garden, and water features complementing a 90-acre wetlands preserve.

Naples Museums

History buffs, history lovers, and culture enthusiasts will most likely love and appreciate visiting the museums in Naples Florida. Although the sunny paradise is great and all, some may rethink and decide to visit a good museum instead. Museums are one of the best ways to discover the historical heart of any place, and these local gems are more than just museums.  Aside from the great museums, the local Naples FL museums showcase a variety of things, including whimsical pieces of modern art to ancient artifacts, and provide valuable insight into the surprising past of Naples and the Sunshine State. The names of these great Naples museums are the following: The Revs Institute, this educational institution is quite distinctive and unique, the institution solely devotes itself to the conservation, preservation, as well as restoration of some of the scarce, rare, and significant automobiles that have all been built between the years 1896 and 1995. Some car enthusiasts find the value of preserving cars in their original condition high. It is this unique Naples Florida museum that allows visitors unhindered access to over 100 pristine automobiles to provide an intimate historic experience. For the people that enjoy car museums, the automobiles that are on showcase at Revs are some of the most unique, as well as most important cars ever built at any time, anywhere.  As museums are a way to preserve the famously blazed technical pathways, redefined aesthetic standards, that has made the history of their name and changed the technological world. The institution goes to great lengths to preserve the facility from dust and pollution to ensure that the collection remains viable for many years. Therefore, only visitors that are holding advance tickets for scheduled times may tour the Museum. There is also the Naples Holocaust Museum, a gem of a Naples museum, recalls and looks back on one of the world’s darkest eras. It also documents how it relates to many local southwest Florida residents. The museum itself is greatly devoted to preserving and show-off unique works of art as well as narrating the stories of the Holocaust through thousands of photos, artifacts, exhibits and unique events.  Presenting and passing on the lessons that have been learned from the Holocaust devastation as well as educate and inform the visitors through a series of moving exhibits and artifact displays is the museum’s aim and goal. There are more than 1,000 World War II and Holocaust artifacts and one-of-a-kind photos that display chronologically from the rise of Nazism to Allied Liberation and the Nuremberg Trials.  Local Survivors, Liberators, and other devout people donated or permanently loaned many different artifacts. Although the facility is quite devoted to the Holocaust survivors and their families, there is an authentic ten-ton WWII boxcar that is situated right in the parking lot as some sort of an educational outreach tool for the general public. In order to enhance community outreach, the museum also holds traveling exhibits. Looking for astonishing art museums to enjoy and appreciate in Naples Florida? Then the Baker Museum’s institution is just for you. The Baker museum that’s devoted to scholarship and stewardship, is another jewel of Artis Naples as well as a renowned art museum that is located in southwest Florida. The museums usually put an emphasis on contemporary and modern art.  Because of Hurricane Irma, unavoidable, severe damage hit the institution, resulting in the Baker’s Museum having to be shut for nearly two years. Even with the institution shutting, it didn’t diminish nor affect Naples’ reputation as a leading fine arts center.  As a matter of fact, the three-story building houses and stores some of the best drawings, sculptures, and paintings in its fifteen engaging galleries. Through the display of world-class exhibits there are some several traveling exhibitions are held each year to provide this area’s diverse community with educational opportunities The Naples Depot Museum that is located in the downtown of Naples is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is set in the restored Seaboard Air Line Railway passenger station, and tells the story of Naples’ early technology and transportation eras. The Naples Train Museum is also located in Naples and open to visitors on Saturdays for train and model train enthusiasts to visit. The Seaboard Air Line Railway passenger station in Naples has already been carefully restored in order to house the Naples Depot Museum to provide the visitors with an insight into the booming days of the railroad in the 1920s. The city of Naples has been perceived as an unexplored frontier at that time, and through the use of technology and transportation, entrepreneurs and industrialists transformed the landscape. There is the historic museum of Palm Cottage, located down the street from the Naples Fishing Pier, is a fantastic place to learn more about this iconic landmark. The place is very full of furnishing as well as authentic decor. Want to learn more about the place? Just a tour of the Palm Cottage by knowledgeable guides provides an in-depth about the early homes of the residents of Naples.  Although the place was built in the year 1885, the fully restored Palm Cottage stands in its original state today. The 3,500 square foot Palm Cottage is actually a unique example of tabby mortar construction and is known to be the oldest house in Naples filled with antiques.  Docent-guided tours in the cottage are also open all year round. Especially at Christmas time, the beautiful cottage is lit up in lights giving it a nostalgic and romantic glow. The Collier Museum at Government Center is located on a five-acre site and is filled and crammed with some of the most attractive exhibits depicting the history of Collier County. Having lined with some historic restored cottages, the Sherman tanks, and swamp buggies among others, five museum locations offer elaborate exhibits to educate visitors about Naples’ unique history and cultural development. The place is also perfect for packing up a picnic and dawdling a while in the museum’s shady backyard. Doing a bit of exploring all around the native gardens, historic Kokomis boat, rugged swamp buggy, The Deuce steam engine restored Naples cottages, reconstructed Seminole War Fort, World War II Sherman tank, and many more others. Along with that, there are also several other Collier County Museums locations, all to explore. Five of those in fact, all of these are the Museum of the Everglades, Immokalee Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch, the Naples Depot Museum, and Marco Island Historical Museum along with the Collier Museum at Government Center. The Golisano Children’s museum that is located in Naples, is a museum perfect for families, with the goal of providing an exciting, inspiring environment where children and their families play, learn and dream together. The place is an interactive space and an incredible spot for many families with children to learn and play together. The Golisano Museum is usually housed in a ship-shaped building, with the Naples Trolley being the center of attraction. There is also lighting and sound that affect and enhances the experience for the visitors as they wander through the twelve different galleries. The indoor and outdoor places include a mammoth banyan tree, a journey through the Everglades, and a beach where children can try their hand at catching fish with poles and magnetic bait.  Lastly is the Naples Train Museum, located in the Naples Depot, which provides something to enjoy for children of all ages. There are trains to ride, watch, operate, and some to even purchase. Multi-level trains are displayed in action, reminiscent of the original rolling stock and locomotives that visitors may be able to view. Those that enjoy and absolutely adore trains will surely like the models, pushing buttons, and then watch the trains moving up and down in this well-laid-out private museum. Ten trains are usually running simultaneously at any given time. Since Thomas, the Tank Engine is a permanent hit with kids because of the number of accessories that they can operate. 

Go On A Hike

Although hiking isn’t the first that comes to mind when mentioning and thinking of southwest Florida, that wouldn’t mean that the place absolutely has nothing to do with it. The terrain in the place is usually flat but lush, and there are usually some excellent places to get out into nature on several local boardwalk trails.  Hiking in the city of Naples is smooth and flat, there is also completely interesting scenery along the way and plenty of native flora and wildlife. Even with Naples’ great beaches and amazing shopping, Naples also attracts some visitors that are wanting to escape and unwind, and get away from it all to relax in the great outdoors.  There are no overly rigorous hikes in the area, and if you stick to marked trails, you likely won’t get lost. But this also becomes a great chance for nature lovers to see the local flora, experience some of the best hiking trails in Florida, and maybe even spot some of the incredible wildlife native to southwest Florida that the Everglades ecosystem provides. You will find the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary with well-maintained boardwalks and nature trails that are on the islands. 

Go Boating

Quite antisocial and would prefer a quiet day out on the water with no other people joining in? There is an abundance of coastline and marinas that service Naples and southwest Florida. You don’t have to be a licensed boat Captain or even have any experience boating. Renting a boat is also an easy thing to do, although it may not be the cheapest thing to do.  


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