Tile Roofing

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Pros Of Tile Roofing

Each tile is usually secured to the roof deck by using screws. As with asphalt shingles, a tile roof can be completed by starting at the very bottom or lowermost part of the roof, while securing a row of tiles, and then overlapping to the next or second row of the tiles over the first. Tile roofing also has some advantages that would attract people, here are some of them:

  • The first is that they are less likely to rot. Unlike wood or other similar products, tiles do not decay and are usually insect resistant. Many products suffer from this, especially rotting as it eats away the roofing’s lifespan.
  • It is also long-lasting. Depending on the area and how it was installed, a tile roof may even last as long as 50 years. Its endurance is no joke as clay and concrete tiles are quite popular for withstanding strong winds, hail, or even fire. As this fact is quite known, some companies even offer 50-year warranties.
  • There is also quite a variety when dealing with tile roofs. They also come in different colors and shapes, picking one that goes well with your house style is not impossible. It could even be made to resemble traditional shingles or wood shakes. 
  • Tile roofs are also made from earth minerals so it is completely environment friendly. They are not made from chemicals and can be, therefore, pulverized and recycled when chosen to be removed.
  • This type of roofing generally does not require much maintenance, in fact, a tile roof in need of repair is quite rare. When installed correctly, there are few complaints of leakage from tile roofs. The only usual in need of repair for tile roofing is when a heavy impact is applied.

Tile Roofing 

There could be so many options for roofing products in the present day. It’s important to determine what can be considered a tile roofing product and what is not. People should be able to determine the difference between tile roofs and other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, metal, and wood shingles. When referring to tile roofing, they are a completely different category even from just their appearance, durability, or history.

These tile roofing products are, like any other roofing materials, made to protect the building from any harsh elements or weather from the outside. Sand, water, and cement are what roof tiles are made of. All three of these materials have the qualities that make them quite high in the rankings of materials.

These types of roofing are perfect for areas with hot weather. These tile roofs are quite popular and can usually be seen in places such as Southwest, coastal Florida, and California. The weight should be considered when thinking about choosing tile roofing. The roof’s framing should be quite sturdy structurally as it should be able to support the weight.

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