How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof In Florida

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof

Roof replacement is not necessarily a hard job for experienced, professional workers. But it usually affects the house owner or the occupants inside the house. Roof replacement can be loud and some dust and debris might be falling, so homeowners usually go out during that time. 

There may even be children or pets in the house. One of the most frequently asked questions, and if you are the one planning for a roof replacement, is “how long would the roof replacement take?”. There are quite a lot of factors that can possibly affect the length of time it would take for the service to finish.

Factors That May Affect Your Roof

Aside from the main factors, there is the aspect of time and weather. Depending on the weather, the roofing company may be having some issues or getting delayed. Florida experiences a lot of different weather and obviously, it may not just affect the roof, but also the process of roofing. In FL, the common time to replace a roof is during winter or spring since it is likely to experience any hurricanes or storms during those days. 

If the weather is taken into consideration and decided to replace roofs during those seasons, there would most likely be less urgent repairs that were caused by severe storms. You also wouldn’t have to deal with prioritization if time is planned wisely. The best possible season for roof repair services is during winter since it is considered to be a less busy time for roofers than during the Spring months.

Now the first out of the main factors would be the size. Certainly the larger the house, the longer the process it would take for the roofers to finish. Logically, a 1,500 square foot house would require more time of replacement than a smaller 1,000 square foot house. The decking also factors in how long the roof replacement would take. 

If it is damaged, then it would take some time to get replaced too. Although it shouldn’t increase the length as much as the size of the house, it is still something to consider. Some may not want the additional time that it will require, but it is a problem that one would need to confront in the future. It is entirely worth it to tolerate some more loud work to fix the possible leaking.

Another crucial factor that may lengthen the time it will take to install a new roof is the material that was used. Asphalt shingles, tiles, metal, are just some of the materials that can be used as a roof. Depending on the type of material the roof is made of, the installation time may vary. In Florida, one of the most popular roofing types may be metal. 

Although it may not be as popular in Florida, let’s take asphalt roofing shingles for example. There are two ways to replace this type of roof, first is tearing it off or reroofing. Tearing it off would mean that complete removal and replacement of the damaged area is necessary while reroofing is more efficient since new asphalt shingles would be installed just above the old damaged ones.

There are also some further requirements. It may not be common but there may be some special requirements or some type of valuable historical significance within the roof which would make the process much longer. The professional construction and roofing contractor has to be more careful and delicate when dealing with the process.

Here is an example of how long it may take to replace a roof. Let’s say the roofing company has sent a team consisting of five members working on a 100 square foot roof, with asphalt shingles. The estimated time it may take is four or five days without taking into account the weather conditions.

Usual Required Time for Roof Tear Off

Here is the process that may determine how long roof replacement may take:

Planning. Typically, roof replacement can take about 3-10 days to complete depending on the materials used. Asphalt roofs can be replaced faster than metal roofs and tile roofs are in between. Before the roofers begin with the project, a specialist will assess and inspect the roof so that any damages and issues can be listed or taken note of. They may organize a plan specifically for the property. Preparation is always key, a plan will be needed before the project can even be started. 

The specialist may also inform you on how long they estimate it would take since it may vary depending on the problem of the roof. The given date is just an estimation and may very well change. The estimated time period may be at the document or plan created, if not, it is advisable to consult and ask the contractor.

Preparation – After planning, the initial first step is to prepare the place where the construction will take place. The professionals from the roofing company have to make the necessary preparations in accordance with the work to be done. This step may include the whole preparation of the house such as setting up the garden and keeping the plants protected, moving any vehicles to avoid damages, setting up the dumpster where debris and other materials may go, and even clearing the debris or other materials from the roof.

This step has to be done with complete care and attention so that further and unnecessary damages may be avoided. Usually, the team from the roofing company makes sure that this is the way it was planned before moving on to the next step. It is done to ensure that there are no miscommunications and the process is getting done the way it was intended.

Replacement – The process may require the old roofing to be completely torn off. It may not seem hard but this process cannot be done halfheartedly and should be done carefully and accurately. Doing this process inappropriately may result in the destruction of some things beneath it or some other surface materials.

When the process has been done without any errors or complications, the roof deck would be repaired then the drip edge and underlayment can be installed. These may seem long and unnecessary steps but this will ensure that the roof would last and everything would be stable. This part may also be extended depending on the additional items such as setting up the ridge cap, ridge vent, and flashings. When it’s done, the debris can be cleared up and put in the trash.

The Afterwards – After the process is done, the professional roofing company team may then proceed to clean up the whole mess in the area while making sure that the roof is functional and works perfectly fine. In this process, some tests may be done on the roof to prove that it works the way it was intended. It is necessary to conduct this process so that the stability and safety are confirmed and the homeowner is satisfied and convinced with the service.


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